Step 1

Initial Homeowner Consultation

-Meet with you to discuss your ideas and understand your needs
-Review your plan that you provide or work on designing a custom plan just for you with Destination Homes
-Review your photos, Pinterest boards, features or options you would like to have incorporated into your home

Step 2


-Obtain Pre-approval from your Lender
-Preferred Lender Home Services Lending - Sean Watt - 515-707-4151

Step 3


-Final plan will be sent to the vendors for a bid.
-All of the information regarding your home plan and features will be combined into a full proposal. The proposal will include details on your home as well as allowances and final investment.

Step 4

Follow-up Plans and Specifications meetings

-Follow-up meetings are required to review the plan and proposal for your home.
-Plans and Specifications meeting will be completed to adjust your plan and features to be exactly as you want them.

Step 5

Construction Process Begins

-Rough-in for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical
-Siding and Roofing
-Trim including Cabinets
-Finishes to include Flooring, Stone, Countertop, Lighting and etc.
-Finish Exterior with Paint, Stone, Concrete, Sod, and Landscape

Step 6

Pre-Construction Items

-Site plan and Permitting is complete
-Selections are complete
-Builder Deposit
-All of the buyer documents have been signed

Step 7

Electrical and Trim Walks

-Walk the framed home to discuss the location of all of the electrical with the electrician and Destination Homes staff
-Discuss Custom Electrical needs and make sure that your home is wired for your current and future needs.

-Verify all of your trim detail and design with the trim carpenter and Destination Homes staff

Step 8

Homeowner Orientation

-Walk your home with the Job Superintendent. They will review the features and maintenance needs of your home.

Step 9

Close Date

Certificate of Occupancy
- Closing
-Keys to your new Home
-Welcome Home!